In addition to spending much of his business career understanding the future, Wolfgang has an abiding passion for the natural world, today's marine environment and earth's deep history. His international business career enabled him to travel widely and he has spent thousands of hours underwater observing and photographing "the most complex, challenging and beautiful environment on the planet”. Wolfgang has served on the management council of the JLB Smith Institute, one of the world's leading ichthyological research institutes, and the Advisory Board of the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. His photo-journalism has been published widely.

Wolfgang's natural history books share his passion and all-embracing sense of wonder, and reflect how nature is increasingly a source of inspiration for artists, architects, interior designers and product designers.

An inveterate collector, Wolfgang collects ethnographic art from the islands of Oceania and has established what is now regarded as one of the world's premier fossil collections:

One of the most remarkable collections of fossils ever assembled.
Ted Nield
Editor, GeoScientist,
Journal of the Geological Society, London
I’ve seen many museums and collections, but this is the most remarkable and exciting ever. I feel privileged and inspired.
Philip Powell
Curator of the Geological Collections,
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
This is my boyhood dream. I never believed so many wonders could be gathered under one roof.
The late Michael Hanlon
CEO, Jurassica
I see a good number of private collections, but I can safely say that yours is unique.
Paul Callomon
Collection Manager, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia
I am – truly – lost for words.
Sir David Attenborough
Broadcaster and natural historian
A gentleman's collection of natural wonders. An amazing display unrivalled by any museum or private collection in the world.
Tom Kapitany
Director, National Dinosaur Museum, Australia

Africa Geographic:
"An underwater photographer of rare talent".