A former IBM executive, Wolfgang worked internationally with IBM for more than 25 years and was awarded the prestigious IBM Outstanding Innovation Award. He was founder and CEO of the Business Futures Group and started FutureWorld as an informal business network in 1987. Since that time he has been instrumental in helping major corporations and venture capital firms position themselves for the new world economy. He has addressed audiences in more than 20 countries, in person, on radio and on television. His article In Search of Simplicity won the NACCA award for the best business article of the year and From Value Chain to Marketspace was awarded the AFSM International Writing Award for Professional Writers and Consultants in Boston. Wolfgang was a Fellow of the Centre for Management Development at the London Business School and taught regularly on a number of programmes including the School's flagship Senior Executive Programme.

His philosophy is epitomised by his saying "It is no longer possible to learn just from experience - in this warp-speed world, it has become essential to learn from the future!"

He is currently Chairman Emeritus of FutureWorld International, a global think tank and his business books include:

  • 10 Lessons from the Future: Your future is a matter of choice, not chance.
  • Lessons in Radical Innovation: Out of the box, straight to the bottom line.

Both published by Financial Times/Pearson. Also available in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

"At the Online Publishers Association London Forum they left the best for last, with Wolfgang Grulke - futurist, author and adviser to the world’s top firms through FutureWorld International - ending the day with an inspiring but frightening look into the future, asking one important question for your business – is your product at the end of its life-cycle?" - Paul Lomax, former Head of New Media for the Guardian Media Group

"Practical and inspirational. Highly relevant if you don't want someone else eating your cheese" - Wall Street Journal.com

"The cutting edge of what's coming in the future" - Kate Bulkley, media journalist

"Wolfgang's scenarios on the future of business and technology inspired me to change our traditional business focus and develop our global internet strategy. Our success has been dramatic since then, culminating in recently being awarded the largest hospitality contract in the world, supplying more than 4,500 major hotels in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean with our ‘Chef Works' hospitality clothing brand." - Alan J. Gross – CEO Gross & Co www.chefworks.com

"I haven't seen the challenges and opportunities of future business, communities and people so powerfully presented before. Wolfgang's life cycles reminded me exactly of what went right and wrong in our business." - Dame Anita Roddick, Founder of The Body Shop

"One of the best speakers I have ever heard – gave one of the most thought-provoking and exciting presentations I have ever experienced." - Ajay Choudhury, IDG Ventures Europe at GSM Congress at Cannes

"Wolfgang's thinking is constantly challenging the norms and dares you to go out of the box. Supercharged by his passion, this is a unique and powerful skill." - Martin George, Commercial Director, British Airways

"Wolfgang has given some of the most memorable and highly-rated presentations in YPO history." - Young Presidents' Organization - USA, Asia and Europe

"Grulke's thinking is original and frame-breaking." - John Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School

"Wow! That was great! I loved listening to your ideas! That was the most important set of concepts that I've heard anyone talk about in a long time." - Greg Homan, Director, Emerging Technologies, Nextel Communications

"Close your eyes, listen to Wolfgang, and you will be reminded of the story-telling genius of Robin Williams." - Charles Stilley, President, AMC Theatres

"One of the most insightful presentations I've ever heard" - Javier Roza, Managing Director, Unilever Portugal

"This was the best, most provocative summary ever about (the future of) China" - William Kistler, President, Urban Land Institute, Europe

"In previous consulting relationships there has always been an obsession with driving costs down. Our partnership with FutureWorld goes way beyond that, to a constant drive towards new ideas and new revenue opportunities. It's amazing how much we have learnt from the future. That's unique in my experience, and great fun." - Bernard Swanepoel, CEO Harmony Gold Limited

"A mind-blowing presentation on change and the future of financial services." - Sohana Maharaj, Chief Operating Officer, ABSA Brokers

"My personal thanks to you for your great work today with the audience" - Bill Chang, Executive Vice President, SingTel Business Group

"We have gotten wonderful reviews from your session. It's been a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for your dedication to both our events. It has been inspiring for us all." - Alan Tan – HR executive, SingTel

"Thanks for a very enlightening and impactful keynote - all our delegates were greatly inspired by your presentation!" - Jinner Tan Gek Choo, Communications executive, SingTel